Blocking Calls & Phone Numbers on Your Charter Phone

Many times, people want to block calls because of a number of reasons. Also, there are many people, who want to protect their privacy and so, they block their phone numbers.

You can avoid the nuisance due to a wrong call simply by choosing the appropriate calling feature on your Charter phone plans, which could also help you accomplish your goal.

There are several steps to block calls on your Charter phone number that also include blocking calls & phone numbers. Take a look at the steps given below:

Block Anonymous Calls on Your Charter Phone

Step 1

Firstly, make sure that the Charter phone you’re using has a dial tone.

Step 2

next, press *77 to allow & activate the call blocking feature to stop receiving anonymous calls on your phone. This feature works by blocking a caller, who is calling from an unidentifiable number and that caller will receive a pre-recorded message that your Charter number does not accept calls from unknown callers, you can also give a call on Charter number tech supportĀ for more help.

Step 3

Now, if you wish to deactivate the call blocking features, simply check the handset for a dial tone and dial *87 on your phone to deactivate this feature.

Acceptance to Selective Calls Only

Step 1

Repeat the same process by checking your handset for a dial tone and then, dialing *64 on it.

Step 2

Next, you can add up to about 12 phone numbers to your list of callers that you like to accept. Make sure you review their numbers by following the menu prompts correctly.

Only the numbers you’ve selected on your Charter phone will ring through. The other callers will be informed with a pre-recorded message that calls are not being accepted on your charter phone internet.

Step 3

You can dial *84 to deactivate this blocking feature for selective calls only. You will then start receiving calls from all callers too.

In the End

If you want to block a call or phone number, you can have a look at the options mentioned above. This service is most needed by the users as it makes them feel convenient and at the same time, let them avoid anonymous and unpleasant callers.

So, this is how you can block calls and phone numbers on Charter phone in an easy way.

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