The Best Peerblock Alternatives

Every Internet user likes to explore different types of Torrents sites. Torrenting is an easy way to get your files downloaded easy and quick. You don’t need to worry about anything else, just explore the sites and get your favorite movies, software etc downloaded. However, Torrenting can be risky at times and you should use proper software to make your system secured.

There’s a software called Peerblock which blocks down systems who are fetching your computer’s data without the notice. You can also use this software for preventing yourself from getting notices from DMCA if you are into Torrenting. To make things easier for you, here we have listed down the best Peerblock Alternatives. The list includes software dedicated to Windows systems. If you are working on a Windows PC, you can use these Peerblock alternatives.

The Best Peerblock Alternatives

  • Simple Wall

SimpleWall tool is the best alternative to the original PeerBlock software. This software comes with a lot of features and functions which you can use on your Windows PC if you are working on Torrenting platform. It is known as the best Windows Filtering Platform which can easily configure the connected networks to your system.

Best Peerblock Alternatives
Best Peerblock Alternatives

One of the best things in this software is it doesn’t show off any advertisements. You don’t need to get annoyed by unwanted pop-ups, and can easily explore all the features and functions without any interruptions.

The software can protect your system to block down Windows Spy of your system. If someone is interacting with your system, you can simply block down those systems using this software. It is very protecting software which everyone should use.

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Aside from this, you can also create a list where you can blocklist all the items. It also supports IP4 and IP6 protocols. You can bring the best of security while working with the Torrents sites.

Download SimpleWall

  • Iplist

IPlist is a great platform for Linux users. If you are working on a Linux system, then you can simply use this tool to protect yourself against Internet thieves. This tool blocks down users and systems who are interacting with your PCs. You can simply use this tool for protecting your system and avoid such systems to fetch the information from your systems.

Peerblock Alternatives
Peerblock Alternatives

In addition, this tool comes with a set of handy features allowing you to block down PCs and Hosts easily. This tool updates regularly with new features. You can get the latest edition of the IPlist software from the following download link for your Linux PCs.

Download IPlist

  • PeerGuardian

PeerGuardian is yet another alternative to PeerBlock software. Just like the PeerBlock software, the PeerGuardian Software is also very popular with a huge number of its users around the globe.

This program comes easily with a prepared list of IPs which are blocked already. You don’t need to block such systems manually as this software has a simple and easy interface and a prepared list of blacklisted websites which are fetching the information from your systems unintentionally.

Best Peerblock Alternatives
Best Peerblock Alternatives

This software is for the Linux system users only. They provide full support to the users of Linux systems. This program is also available for the Windows systems; however, they don’t provide much support for them. To make the most of this tool, you need to be on the Linux operating system. You can download the latest updated version of the PeerGuardian Software from the following download link.

Download PeerGuardian

  • BeeThink IP Blocker

If you are working on a Windows system, then BeeThink IP Blocker is the best program available for your system to block down IPs of various systems. This tool can be used on the PC systems and on the servers,  which enables users to block down unnecessary IPs from different locations.

Alternatives for Peerblock
An alternative to PeerBlock software

It’s a new generation tool which comes loaded with plenty of advanced features which you can use to protect and safeguard your system. The tool is a lightweight tool and runs smoothly on a Windows PC.

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The user can create and customize the list of IPs. The user can block or unblock different IPs as per his needs. There are many useful sections also available on the program which lets you make use of the right features while working on the Internet and other Torrenting websites.

Download BeeThink IP Blocker


I hope you this Best Peerblock Alternatives article helpful to find the best Peerblock alternatives and If you found this article helpful to you share with your friends on social media. If you find any other Peerblock alternative software comment down below.

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