Top 10 Best Kodi Skins / Themes 2018 (XMBC Skins)

Best Kodi Skins: It is a better option for everyone to change the Kodi Skins for the new attractive look and revive with Best Kodi Skins available on the internet. If you are fed up by using old Kodi Themes then I bought some Cool Skins to change your user experience on Kodi. Before going to the main topic let us have a glance at What is Kodi and How to Install Skins on Kodi.

What is Kodi (XBMC)?

Kodi is an open-source video media player from the Kodi Foundation. Kodi is also known as XBMC which is one of the most powerful and free media players that work on plenty of devices like Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Android and also on Amazon Fire TV. Using Kodi-Addons, we can Stream Videos, Movies, TV shows, various online series and NFL on Kodi.

What is Kodi Skins?

Kodi Skins are the System Processing User Interface Themes or Wallpapers which gives the user-friendly interface to the Kodi Software and attractive look for Background. Many people call these Kodi Skins as Kodi Themes, Kodi Wallpapers, and Kodi Backgrounds. These Kodi Skins support on Kodi 16.1, Kodi 16.1 Jarvis, Kodi 17.3, Kodi Jarvis also called as Kodi 16 version. Download Kodi 17.1 which is the Best User-Friendly Software for Kodi.

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How to Install and change Kodi Skins

When you are using the Kodi for the first time, you can see Default Kodi Skins like blue-black Estuary Kodi Skin, Confluence Kodi Skin, and Chroma Kodi Skin. If you want to install a New Kodi Skin and change the Kodi Skin from old boring skin then follow the steps given below.

  1. From the Kodi Main Menu, Select System Settings.
  2. Choose Interface settings
  3. Select Skin Option where you can find Default Skins of Kodi
  4. Click on “Get More” option where you can find Latest Kodi Skins Online
  5. Select the skin which you want to install and apply for Kodi.
  6. It will ask like “Would you like to keep this change” then click “yes”.

Best Kodi Skins of all time 2018

If you are looking for Best Skin for Kodi then here you can find the Top 10 Best Skins for Kodi of all time. We can not say that these are only the best to choose because every individual will have their own interest and style. But these Kodi Skins have Best User Interface and very much user-friendly to use.

1. Black Glass Nova

Best Kodi Skins black glass nova

Black Glass Nova is one of the Best Kodi Skin that has a lot of features and customization options. In this Black Glass Nova, the special features include customizing Home Screen Items, Artwork Downloader, Skin Widgets, Clear art and clear logo.

2. ReFocus

ReFocus Best Kodi Skin

ReFocus is another Kodi Skin which is beautifully designed for easy customization process and has Rich Skin Feature with customization options. Its features are Touch Support, Skin Widgets, customize home items and has artwork downloader.

3. Aeon Nox

best kodi skin aeon nox

Aeon Nox is one of the most recommended Kodi Skin that works perfectly with all devices since it is lightweight and doesn’t hang up the system. It has all new modern looks and also retaining the classic Aeon feel. It also has a Best user interface with ease of customization settings.

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4. Mimic

best kodi skins mimic

Mimic has no background images, rejecting flash in favor of simplicity and easy to use. Mimic is available in many different colors, let users customize home items, extra fanart, and TV shows Logos. Mimic’s color scheme is blue and greyish -black, producing a cold and techno-oriented feel.

5. Nebula

nebula best kodi skins

Nebula is a simple and feature rich skin for Kodi. It comes in light or dark color skin designed for Full HD TV Screens. Nebula is recommended for Kodi XBMC for a perfect streaming of HD Movies as well as TV Shows. It offers Extra Fan art, custom home items and Live TV support.

6. Transparency

Best Skins for Kodi

Transparency is one of the Best Skins for Kodi which is well known for its fanart skin. It also has very ease of customization settings and got some special features like TV shows logos, vertical home menu and custom home items.

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7. Xperience 1080

Best Kodi Skins Xperience 1080

Xperience 1080 is a full width(1920*1080) panel based skin which delivers a skin with a focus on graphical quality, smooth animations and very well integrated functions and Add-ons. It is user-friendly but partial touch support.

8. Amber

best kodi skins Amber

Amber is another lightweight Kodi skin that offers a lot of best features and runs smoothly on all devices. It helps the user to customize home shelf either horizontally or vertically. Finally, it has features like custom home menu, custom home shelf, and custom background.

9. Ace

10 Best Kodi Skins / Themes 2018

Ace is a new skin for Kodi which is very light, powerful and customizable. Ace Skin works perfectly on Kodi 16, Kodi 16.1, Kodi 17.3 and Kodi Jarvis. It is one of the Best Skin for Kodi that offers tons of customization options and has a user-friendly interface.

10. Eminence

Top 10 Best Kodi Skins

Eminence is a skin that aims to be clean, clear, simple and modern. Eminence 2.0 is available for Kodi Jarvis and Kodi 16.0 that works perfectly on any device. If you are looking for a different skin for Kodi then try this Eminence that has Best Customization options and attracts with its looks.


I hope this article Top 10 Best Kodi Skins/Themes 2018 (XMBC Skins) is helpful for you to know the Best Skins for Kodi and How to Change Kodi Skins. If you like this article, then do share with your friends and family. If you have any queries and suggestions, please let us know and feel free to comment us below.

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