15 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC To Run iOS Apps

Are you searching for an iOS emulator for PC or want to know How to play iOS games on PC? Then you can play ios games on pc using the 15 Best iOS emulators for Windows PC. Before going to discuss these Best iOS emulators for windows we should know What is an iOS emulator? and How it works? Let’s get started,

Best iOS emulators for windows to run iPhone apps
Best iOS Emulators For Windows to Run iPhone Apps


what is an iOS emulator

An iOS emulator is a kind of virtual program that allows one OS into another Operating System. It will allow you to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC without having an iPhone. These iOS emulators for PC are mainly for developers to testing the apps and also used to play iPhone games on PC.

iOS Emulator For Android

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15 Best IOS Emulators for Windows PC

These are the Best iOS emulators for Windows PC that can help you to run iOS apps on PC. So from this list, you can easily choose your best iPhone Emulator for PC.

1. IPADIAN (Best iOS Emulator for PC)

iPadian iOS emulator for windows

iPadian is the best iPad emulator for Windows PC, which gives you the same user interface of iPad and iPhone. It doesn’t allow you to access official iPhone app store but you can get these amazing features like Siri, iMessage, and TVOS. You won’t able to run all iOS apps on PC with this iOS emulator.

The iPadian emulator has two versions (Free and Paid versions). The free version gives access to use only iOS apps on PC if you want more additional features then go for the paid version which costs only $10. You can play iOS games on PC without any issues and the emulator supports for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

To run iOS emulator on your computer just download the iPadian emulator from given link then install and enjoy iPhone/iPad/iOS games on PC.


MobiOne Studio iOS emulator

MobiOne Studio is the best iPhone emulator for windows, which gives you access to run iPhone apps on windows PC. This service is discontinued but still, you can run beta apps o this emulator. It has user-friendly user interface you can easily access whatever you want. It is highly favorable for developers for testing apps.

MobiOne Studio iOS emulator helps you in how to play iPhone games on PC, So using this emulator you can run all iOS games and apps for free on windows. This software is for free no need to purchase.


Nintendo 3DS emulator

Do you want to experience iPhone games on PC? then this emulator for you. Nintendo 3DS emulator is the best iPhone Emulator for PC which essentially for playing iOS games on PC even it supports 3D games. Nintendo 3D emulator was introduced by Nintendo company this iOS emulator received a huge response from iOS users.

To run iOS apps on windows which is the best iOS emulator. when it comes to gaming Nintendo 3DS Emulator is quite easy to use and you can play high graphics iOS games on windows. This emulator capable of running high-end graphics games without any need of accessories.


iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is the best alternative iPad emulator for PC. The biggest advantage is that it has excellent graphics quality for supporting high-end graphics games. Those who won’t effort to purchase iPhone must try this iPhone Simulator to experience the exact feel of iPhone.

Moreover, It is available for free of cost and you can get a nice user interface as a virtual iPhone on windows using iPhone Simulator.


Best iOS emulator for windows

App.io is the Best iOS emulator for Windows, Which allows you to run iPhone apps on PC without any issues because of this works on online only. To run iOS apps or games on your Windows PC, you need to upload iOS app file or Android.Apk file on it and use it.

It is the cloud-based emulator. So you can run this iOS emulator on different devices like Windows, Mac, and Android. Simply sync your iOS app with App.io and Enjoy iPhone apps and games using App.io emulator.


iPhone Emulator for PC


Appetize.io is the best alternative for App.io emulator. which allows the user to develop and test iOS and Andriod apps on cloud storage. This emulator works efficiently for developers and it is totally online based iOS emulator.

You can use this emulator for free of cost about 100 minutes per month. If you exceeding the 100 minutes limit, you will be charged $0.05 per minute. However, For limited users, it is the best online emulator.


iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is a Google chrome extension. The extension allows the users to access all iOS apps and works similar to the iPad. You can get the features like Siri, iMessage and if you want to run an iOS app on this iOS simulator simply drag and drop the iOS app from your Windows to this iPad Simulator. These apps will permanently store in Cloud storage.

you can access all features on the cloud storage and install unlimited pages of apps. It is a virtual clone of iPad which is used as an iOS emulator for Windows PC. Unfortunately, It is currently removed from Chrome Webstore.

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iDOS Emulator

This iDOS emulator is an iOS emulator to run iPhone apps on your PC. But it doesn’t have full functionality and has only a few features to use iPhone/iOS apps. It is not recommended for the users as of now. Because of it has many bugs and fewer features.


Air iPhone

Air iPhone is the best iOS emulator for Windows PC. It is a virtual iPhone on your windows and you need to install Adobe Air on your windows pc to run this application without getting any Errors.

It works same as iPhone and allows all iOS apps and games. If you never used the iPhone device before, it’s better for you because it doesn’t have much iPhone user experience on your windows.


Smartface emulator

Smartface is best iPhone emulator for PC. This emulator works efficiently when compared to Air iPhone. It is used for developing cross-platform iOS apps. To emulate your app on any iOS device like iPad emulator or iPhone emulator, download the Smartface app from given the link.

Smartface has two version (Free and Paid version). The free version has limited access to the users and paid version has some advanced features which will help the developers to test iOS apps. Paid version starting price at $99.


iMAME emulator

The iMAME emulator is the best iOS emulator for Windows, which is specially developed for gamers. It is used to play iPhone/iOS games on PC and allows you to download and install all apps for iPhone and iPad. You can also run iOS9/iOS10 apps on Windows PC using the iMAME emulator.


XAMARIN Emulator

Xamarin is another iOS emulator for Windows PC available on the market for free. Using the emulator you can run iPhone apps and games instantly without any struggle. It is essentially helpful for developers to test the different platform compatibility of iOS apps in windows.

Xamarian iOS emulator has priced at $25 per month and it works on operating systems like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. and also it works in Visual Studio. You can run iPhone apps and games efficiently without any interrupts.



Electric Mobile Studio is the best iOS emulator for PC. It also has two versions (Free and Paid version) but the paid version has an expensive price when compared to Smartface, Electric Mobile Studio pricing starts at $39.99 per month.

And it requires more RAM to run this emulator. However, It supports all iOS apps and games on your windows and you can even control iPhone and iPad using this emulator.

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Xamarin TestFlight is an excellent and Best iOS emulator for windows to run iPhone apps and games. It runs very smoothly and you can install all iOS apps available in the official iOS app store. This emulator comes with a user-friendly user interface based on iOS 8.0 or above.

Unfortunately, it is not available for free you need to purchase it. Pricing starts at 25$ per month. If you can’t effort to purchase then you can go through the other Best iOS emulator for windows on this list.


Ripple emulator

Ripple is the best alternative iOS emulator for iPad Simulator. It is typically used for testing the apps by developers.  You don’t need to download any software to run this iOS emulator.

Simply install the extension file which is available in Google Chrome browser for free of cost at Chrome Webstore. If you are looking for browser-based emulator then Ripple is the Best iOS emulator for your windows.


These are the Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC To Run iOS Apps from this list you can choose any one of the Best iPhone Emulator for PC and If you found any iOs emulator for PC comment down below and feel free to ask any doubts regarding these Best iOS emulators for PC.

If you find it helpful share with your friends and relatives on the Social Media Network. Still, have any questions and suggestions? feel free to comment down below.

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