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Best CSGO Mouse DPI, Sensitivity and Setting You Need to Know

CSGO game or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular FPS games available to play today. It is not easy to play such an FPS game using a conventional mouse. Fortunately, you still have a chance to buy the best cheap CSGO mouse that is more comfortable and responsive. Since this game is about shooting game, accuracy becomes the most important aspect to shoot opponents precisely with wasting your bullets. In this case, you have to configure your CSGO mouse setting. You can also adjust the CSGO mouse sensitivity if the cursor runs to fast. So, what are the best CSGO Mouse DPI, sensitivity, and setting that you need to know? Let us find out a few tips for the best CSGO mouse setting that most of the gamers do not know.

Best CSGO Mouse DPI

Use a Good Computer with Good Specification

First of all, when you want to play CSGO game, you need to have a good computer before you choose a good mouse. It is useless if you have a good mouse while your computer is so laggy. Suppose you really want to enjoy the gaming experience, you need to have a good computer with good graphic. After you make sure that your PC is compatible with the game, then you can try to configure the mouse DPI and sensitivity.

Turn off the Setting of “Enhance Pointer Precision”

Secondly, you need to turn off this setting for a gaming computer. Why? If you turn it on, it will make your gaming mouse move automatically toward the predicted direction. Thus, if you use this setting, the computer will predict the direction of the pointer. The consequence is that it can make the gameplay delay and change the pointing gamer position. How to turn it off? If you want to turn it off, you can go to Control Panel, and then choose Mouse in the category. Next, choose tab pointer Options, then simply turn off the check on “Enhance Pointer Precision”. Finally, you can click “OK”.

Turn off the Setting of Smoothing and Vsync

The other can aspects that cause a delay in your gameplay when playing CSGO are Vsync and smoothing. Therefore, you need to make sure that the smoothing and vsync setting are off. Many gamers do not care about this setting and they do not realize that it can make the gameplay laggy. Since you are playing a heavy game, it is important to get rid of some unnecessary settings to accurately shoot your enemies.

Use Consistent DPI for Best Performance

When you play CSGo, it is important to set the DPI and it must be consistent to get accurate direction. In this case, you are recommended to use CSGO mouse DPI about 400 up t0 1200. Most of the gamers today use DPI 800 and this is not so effective for FPS game. What is actually DPI? DPI is Dots per inch where if it has 400 DPI, the pointer will move as many as 400 dots in each inch. So, When you use a bigger DPI, then the pointer will move faster and vice versa.

Reduce the Sensitivity of Your Mouse in the Game

CSGO mouse sensitivity really gives a big impact to the gameplay performance. So, it is really important that you reduce the sensitivity of your mouse in the game. You can check the game setting where you can find the mouse configuration. Sometimes, if you configure it from the control panel, it may not affect the mouse sensitivity when playing the game. Thus, you need to configure it manually in the game setting.

Get Used to Moving the Mouse Using Your Arm

Most of CSGo gamers play this game by moving the mouse using their wrists rather than their arms. Moving the mouse using the wrist is actually not a good idea because it can make the gameplay more difficult. If you see some professional gamers, you can check their hand and most of them use their arms to play it.  When using the arm, you can shoot your enemies accurately and your hand will not feel tired. Therefore, you have to use the mouse using your arm and never use it using your wrist.

Use Mousepad Speed and Comfortable Mouse

Some of the gamers may say that gaming gear does not affect the gameplay performance when playing CSGO. That’s totally wrong because gaming gear is very important to support your gaming activity, especially when you play CSGO. It is similar to sports where you can buy good sports tools to make it more comfortable.

Thus, using a soft mousepad speed is a good idea if you want to play CSGO. Meanwhile, talking about mouses, there are three types of grip that you can choose for playing games including palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip.

Keep Practicing and Playing CSGO Everyday

Now, you know that CSGO mouse setting really gives a big impact toward your gameplay performance. Moreover, instead of choosing the best cheap CSGO gaming mouse, it is important to keep practicing and playing the game every day to master it. If you already configure the mouse correctly and you have a good mouse, but you do not practice every, then everything will be useless. You can learn from some professional CSGO gamers who play this game three times a day. In addition, they also have good mousepads and best mouses which are good for CSGO game.


CSGO is a really popular game for PC and you can even play it online. But, there is no fun if you do not configure yourCSGO mouse DPI correctly because it will ruin everything. Not only that, it is also important to use best cheap CSGO gaming mouse that you can purchase on your favorite gadget shop. Once you have a good mouse, then you have to configure the CSGO mouse sensitivity and setting. This will make your gameplay feel smooth and comfortable even when you play it for hours.

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