Beginners Guide to Android App Development

The mobile operating system with the most user base around the world is the Android. Android platform is the largest operating system in mobile devices which provide service in Chromebook, Android Smartphones, Android smartwatches, Android TV and many more. There are many Android app developers available in the market and the official Google Play Store is having more than millions of applications.

There are specific guidelines for becoming an Android application developer for becoming an expert in Android Development. If you want to create your own custom application in the Android platform then use these guidelines provided in this article below or beginning your work in Android Development.

Guides for Android App Developers:

These are the complete guidelines for Android app developers. Read the tips carefully before head into the Android app development service.

  1. Choosing the Category for App:

Before you get down to developing any Android applications for the Android platform, you need to know that there are thousands of application are submitted into the Android app store on various categories of application. The success of your developed Android application is depending on the uniqueness, user interface and the features of the application which you want to develop for the Android platform.

There are several applications which are lifted off from the App Store due to the poor user base and stop the development. Getting a good user base of an application is also good for earning through the Android app.

  1. The situation of the Android Market:

As the Android market, he is having a greater market share than the iOS platform, but most of the Android users usually get the modded version of the premium application from various websites. So compared to the iOS platform with the Android platform, iOS users purchases application more than the Android users. current leading category of the Android application is the messaging services which is one of the top-earning applications in the vast markets.

Although several countries do not spend on Android applications which includes China, India, Russia,and Brazil. There are various Android application development tutorials available in the market for practicing your Android programming.

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  1. Basic Things to Keep in mind:

There are several basic things in a to keep in mind while developing any Android applications. Create any layout of your Android application you want but you need to check out these following points before implementing any Android applications. First of all, you need to keep in mind about hardware acceleration. In case you want your application for the hardware acceleration then goes for the OpenGL ES other better frameworks for development.

Allocate the memory for less memory consumption of the bitmap loading. Also, the main thing to look into while developing an Android application is to give the restriction to the drainage of the battery of the devices which intend will give the good battery life of the Android device.

  1. Keep it Simple and Clean:

Most of the beginners in the Android app development tend to use lots of useless widgets and ads. Avoid those things in your Android application and try to give a neat user interface and clean features. Making the application clean and neat wale after fluidic user experience which will tend to work smoothly with low hardware in the Android devices.

  1. Testing the app till stabilization:

This is the main thing to keep in mind while developing for Android devices. After the completion of the developing period of your customize Android application, you need to test that application in various phases before you can post it in the Android store. Mostly there are two internal stages of application testing in the application development.

The first kind of the testers are known as the Alpha testers, usually, these are the internal people who are associated with the application development and mostly they need to be the Android developers as they can shape of the box and various other optimization before you launch It to The app store. In the next stage of testing is known as beta testers, although this testing period can be done internally most of the app developers usually tend to choose a group of people for testing the beta version of the application before launching into the public version of the Android app store. beta testers report various bugs and this testing period Android app is mostly stable enough to play around in any Android devices.


We have researched on the internet and from the various Android developers in the market and gathered various information and posted them in this article for you. We have also provided a complete list of guidelines for becoming a successful Android developer in this article for you. Share this article with other weakness of Android development so that they can use this informative article and become an expert in Android application development.

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