Basic Guide of Instagram and Its Features

Instagram is a social network focused on mobile devices, something rare for many of us who are used to using the computer for everything. In its first versions, it did not allow to create an account through a computer.

However, you can register both from your mobile or tablet application and from a PC.

Sign up on Instagram


When you enter the social network of the photos you have two options to register on Instagram.

The first option that Instagram offers to register through the Facebook account. Basically, it’s about using the same Facebook user to create an Instagram account.

The second option is to use your email to register on Instagram. It will depend on whether or not you have a Facebook account; and that you want to have the two accounts linked.

I always recommend registering on Instagram using the same email, since later you can link the accounts.

Create an Instagram account

Once you have decided how to register on Instagram, create an account. It’s about choosing an Instagram name, a username and adding a profile picture and description.

Create an account from a mobile 

The process to create an Instagram account from a mobile is quite similar to a pc, but you need to download the Instagram app instead of accessing its website.

Keep reading and apply the steps to register on Instagram, the social network of the photographs that is causing a worldwide furor.

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Create an account from a PC

To create an Instagram account from a PC, access the Instagram website. There is another option that is download Instagram for PC and uses the app from your computer.

The contact form offers the option to create a new Instagram account using the Facebook profile.

If you do not have a profile on Facebook, or simply do not feel like having linked accounts.

In small we can see the button that says “Log in”. If you click on that button you can access with an account already created.

Facebook option

If you select the option to create an Instagram account with Facebook, the browser will show a screen for you to log in. It may be that, by having the session already started in the browser, Instagram create the account directly and simply accept the terms of service.

Form option

For those who prefer to create a new account, you simply have to fill in the data.

The red cross indicates that the field is incorrect. If it is the email it is because that email is already in use. If it appears next to the username or username it means that another has already chosen it and, therefore, it is not free.

Register on Instagram

When you see that all the fields are validated, click Register on Instagram. In my case it appears in English, I do not know why … Well, it’s the blue button that says Sing up.

Account created

When you have the account created Instagram will show a screen for you to add the profile picture. If you have selected to create an Instagram account with Facebook, you will see the Facebook profile picture. In my case, when I select to register on Instagram through the form, I can add it manually or give Skip to skip the step and add it later.

Register on Instagram

The next option (only available to create an account through the form), is to link the account with Facebook.

Register on Instagram

So the process of creating an account ends. Then Instagram shows you several celebrity accounts so you can start following other accounts and get real Instagram followers.

Here you have the direct link to register on Instagram from a computer. If you are reading this from a mobile phone, read the following point.

Download the Application

To begin we must have the application installed on our device and access it. If you do not have it, you can download it from your official website or access the markets Apple Store or Google Play (they have a version for Android & iOS, and since the end of 2011, Windows Phone has also been available).

Sign up on Instagram and create an account

In my case, I will do the tutorial through an Android device, but it works exactly the same on all devices.

  1. Access the application

Once downloaded, look for the icon of the app on your mobile. In 2016 the design has changed. Find the following icon:

New icon Instagram

New Instagram Icon design

  1. Registry Data

The first data you must enter to register is the telephone number or an email.

Register with the phone number. For some time, Instagram uses the verification system by SMS, so after entering the phone number, it will automatically send you a verification code that you must enter to continue with the registration.

If you prefer to register with an email, in the second step of the registration you will be asked for a username and password. If the username you entered already exists, Instagram will show you the following alert:

Note: it is very important that you enter a real email that you have access to

since you will have to verify it in the next step.

  1. Complete the profile and access your account

Fill in the personal information you want to share, such as your real name, your blog or website, add a profile photo and start uploading the first photos.

When you finish, upload your first photo, apply a filter that you like, write the first hashtags and share it with your friends!

Learn right now to have two Instagram accounts on the same phone!

Some of you have asked me how, on Instagram, to sign in from Google. Unfortunately, you can not, you must register and open a new account using your phone or email.

Create a company account

To create a company account you simply have to create a normal account (as we have just seen) and then change from personal profile to company profile.

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