7 Backup Errors That You Can Prevent

Data backup is a highly sensitive process that involves multiple related activities which are undertaken using proprietary software like ottomatik. The fact that the actions that you take when backing up your data are interconnected means that you need to be very careful when doing them.

A simple error when conducting the process may quickly grow into a big crisis that may undermine the integrity of the entire process. To address the problem, you need to take several measures. Here are some of the most critical errors that you need to watch out for and how you can prevent them from occurring.

Data backup

7 Backup Errors That You Can Prevent

1. Media failure

Media failure is one of the most common forms of errors that occur during the data back up process. Primarily, media failure refers to the damage that may occur to the materials that are used to backup data. Usually, companies resort to using various materials to store the data that they back up.

For example, if you are using simple external SATA disks, then the disks are your backing up material. Also, if you are using DVDs, then the disks are your backup materials. At times, the materials may get damaged by the environment or because of poor handling. The best way of preventing this error is by ensuring that you store your materials in the best way possible.

2. Restoring to the wrong server

Restoring to the wrong server is another important and serious backup error that you need to watch out for. Normally, this form of error occurs because of a simple mistake on the part of the person who is carrying out the activity. The best way of preventing this error from occurring is ensuring that you are attentive when making critical decisions during the backup process. You must set aside enough time to make critical decisions and ensure that you do not blunder when restoring data to specific servers.

3. Software failure

Software programs may fail to facilitate the process of backing up the data. If the software is not properly configured, then the backup process is bound to fail. Also, if the software program lacks key features that are required to complete the process, then the process may stall midway. The best way of addressing this problem is to ensure that you are using software programs that are compatible. Also, you must ensure that the programs are configured properly to prevent a crisis from occurring when you are in the middle of backing up data.

4. Human error

The occurrence of the human error during the backup process can lead to a failure of the process. There are many kinds of human mistakes that can take place when backing up data. For example, the individuals who oversee the process may miss critical steps. If such a fault occurs, then the data may not be backed up properly. There are many other forms of errors that may be committed by the individuals who are making critical decisions during the data backup process. It is, therefore, the duty of the individuals who oversee the process to be keen and skilled enough to avoid committing common mistakes.

5. Running the backup process across the network

If you run the backup process across your network, you are likely to experience a prolonged process. Moreover, the backing up process is expected to jam midway because of the restrictions of the network configuration. Although it is evident that the backup process requires a lot of network resources, it is common for some administrators to try to use the network. Typically, such an error interferes with operations because you must restart the process repeatedly.

6. Full transaction log

This kind of error occurs when you fail to make changes to your system before you start carrying out the backup process. If you do so, you will realize that you get an error message, yet you are supposed to complete the backup activity. The most important thing that you can do to prevent such an error from occurring is to make all system adjustments before backing up your data.

7. Failure of backup hardware

The hardware that you use to store your data may fail at any given time. Such kind of failure may be disastrous to your firm because it may imply that you cannot access your backed-up data. To prevent such a scenario, all you need to do is to test and monitor the integrity of the hardware repeatedly.


All these are widespread errors that can occur at any time during the data backup process. Also, the errors are significant because if they occur, they interfere with the ability of data handlers to complete the process of access stored data when they need it for assorted reasons.

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