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Compact Yahoo Mail App Released For Android Go Phones

Android phones have become an integral part of every ones’ life. People can’t live without the android phone any longer. They user many types of apps in their daily work. Especially the office goers and business people need the mail app as it is an important communication tool for them.

One of the main problems in using many apps is that they may occupy a lot of space. Main complaints from the users who use the entry level android phones are that they were not able to use the heavy apps due to the space it occupies in the phone and the RAM usage.

Due to the heavy RAM usages, some time App becomes unstable and crashes. If the App continues to crash it may affect the performance of the Android and phones. Not many companies listened to this problem. But Yahoo has come forward to address this. With their all new mail app, they have addressed these two issues perfectly.

Lightweight App with minimum storage

Yahoo has designed the new mail app mainly targeting the phones which use the Android GO OS. Mainly entry-level phones carry this Android version which does not need higher configuration and need basic configuration for the function to run smoother. This app comes with less than 50 megabytes RAM usage and installs size below 10 megabytes. This version will help the people with basic android configuration. While they have reduced the RAM usage and size of the app, they did not reduce the features. Most of the features which are available in the main app are also available in this version also.

Android Go version of the yahoo mail will support multiple email accounts and different themes for each of the account. They have optimized graphics for lower resolution displays and the language pack as main target customer base is from Brazil and India. This will support other features such as auto-suggestion and be saving contacts with their photos and deleting or archiving the emails straight from notification etc. Basically, you will not miss many of the core app features. It will have almost everything in it. This app is already available for the phones which are using Android Oreo (GO Edition). They can download the same from the play store now. The main feature of this new version is that it has no reloads which making, marking as read, deleting instantly and makes the app really faster and lightweight.

With this new initiative, yahoo mail app will become popular among the users in the targeted regions as many in those areas mainly use the entry level android phones only. As already there is a feature to configure to receive other mail providers mail in yahoo app, like Gmail, Hotmail people won’t need multiple email clients to download and see the mails.

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