7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is the most popular social media? But there is more than this about Instagram that you probably do not know.

For example, you may not know that the majority of teenagers spend their time on Instagram. Or maybe you do not know that Americans are leading in using Instagram and a high number of users love photos over videos. Another fact is that you can track your account’s history. These are some of the interesting facts that most Instagram are yet to know. So, let me tell you more.


1. Almost A Quarter Of Americans Use Instagram

Research shows that a high population of Americans is now using Instagram. To be precise, approximately 121 million Instagram users are Americans. That’s quite a significant number. What’s more? Indians are also on the top line with 71 million people, and Brazil comes third with 64 million people using Instagram.

Studies have shown that about one billion users are using Instagram actively. It’s even more interesting to know that only 40% of the Instagram users who do not log in daily. Do you want to know some more? The popular website Income Artist has some good hacks for Instagram.

2. Instagram Suggests Users You Can Follow

Instagram has now made it possible for you to follow people who are in your niche although you have previously not heard of them. How? Anytime you decide to follow someone and click on the “follow” button, Instagram gives several other people that you can follow.
This is mainly possible because of the use of hashtags. They help Instagram identify people of the same niche as the one you are trying to follow and suggest a couple more to you

3. You Can Keep Track Of Instagram Account History

It is now easy with the Instagram statics App to know the users that are following you more. Not only so, but you can also identify those users who felt unimpressed by your posts and decided to unfollow you.

Again, you can also view your Instagram history and any relevant information about your account. This helps you because you can know where to improve and what to work on to have a high number of followers.

4. There Are More Likes For Images Over Videos

Well, you should know that over 70 million photos are uploaded every day. If you have never thought about the power of Instagram, you need to think about it now.

What more? Users prefer pictures with faces. Statistics show that these pictures get more likes.
So, as much as pictures are uploaded every day, the fact is that using an image with a face will win you more attention and likes. The other thing is that while you may be having a good video, it may not do well like a photo.

5. Teenagers Are Using Instagram

You may not believe this, but it’s true. Out of the daily, 60% active Instagram users, the majority are teenagers. That explains why the love hashtag has a bigger follow up than other hashtags. Therefore, if you have a product or a service that you feel is appropriate for teenagers, Instagram is the place to be. Just use a persuasive language, and you will win their hearts.

6. You Can Comment On Another Comment

At times what other people comment on Instagram may attract your attention because it hurts you, it inspires you or whatever reason. That way, you may want to write a comment on that comment. Well, it is interesting to know that it is easy to do so using Instagram.

All you have to do is click on the username of the person who has written the comment then hold for a while. Eventually, the username will appear in a comment box thus allowing you to reply to them.

7. Allows Airplane Mode

Do you want to filter all your photos so that you post them later? No worries. Instagram allows you to do precisely that. What you do is this; disconnect your phone from the internet connection by having it on airplane mode. Next, edit your photos, save them and post them later when you are ready.


Though many people are still using Instagram, a significant number does not know the facts discussed here. May this article “7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Instagram” will help to see the benefits of Instagram so that you can make better use of it.

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