5 Worst Android Apps Available In Google Play Store That are So Funny

Maximum people Design the Applications and Games in the Google Play Store which are very much helpful and highly used by the users. But the Top Worst Apps in Google Play Store is also getting the Top Rating for giving the Outmost and best Features in the Applications which are used in Android Mobiles. Generally, application designers will design the Apps for getting high Rating for the Application and make the more number of people to like it and download it. But these are the Outstanding Applications which are also getting highest rating even though they are useless apps. So These are the Top 5 Worst Apps in Google Play Store.

Funny & Worst Android Apps Available In Google Play Store

1. Useless




Useless is One of the Best and Top Worst Application, which is having a 5-star rating and getting more likes from the users in Google Play Store. This is very Funny App which will have only two features which can be used for stress relief. Some of the users who are using this application are also recommending other people to download this app for reducing stress and to feel better.

This application is definitely providing the outmost result as advertised for a useless app from all other applications. This application can be downloaded on all Android mobiles and it requires only Android version 4.0.3 and above where it can be downloaded on any mobile and it is the basic version 1.0. It is having a toggle in the center of the screen for ON and OFF which is very easy to use.

2. Blank




Blank is the Top Application which is used to send the Empty text which allows you to send the blank or empty messages in your Social Network Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Line, Kik, IMO, Twitter etc. All we need to do is to open the app and select the required application in which you wanted to send and select for whom we would like to send the blank message and click on send button, then our blank message will be sent.

This is having a current version of 1.2 and supports in all the Android mobiles having the version 4.0.3 and above. It is a very funny app used to send the empty messages and play the prank jokes on friends. Though it is blank app it is having the 4-star rating from the users. Finally, this app is really working on the social networking apps which are highly used by the users.

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3. S.M.T.H (send me to heaven)




S.M.T.H is the Worst Application which will help to have the best time pass and it is very much highlighted for creating excitement among the friends. This app will have the options like throw your phone high, catch it, check your standards and share your score on the social network.

If you fail to catch up your phone after throwing up then you will definitely need to go for mobile showroom along with the damaged phone. So we can play prank jokes with friends by using this application and fool our friends.

4. Hold On




Hold On is the worst application ever seen for its boring Pressing Game and getting the highest score which will completely depend on our patience level. This app will have the option like Press me button and we need to hold on the button for more time as we can for the highest score.

Many of the users are promoting this app for the best time pass app and for testing the patience of friends and getting more score. Later you can share your score on the social network and even promote them for making the best time pass game.

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5. Nothing




Coming to this app, Nothing app is very much famous for its name which is accordingly have nothing in the application. This is used by the users for doing nothing but just seeing a blank page in the app and has nothing in it. Many of the users are using this app for stress relief, time wasting and killing the patience for people and it is used for nothing.

But coming to reviews, it has got a 4.6-star rating for giving the best outcome for its name and usage of the app. This is also best for Android phone users for having the version 2.3 and above. So it can be downloaded in any Android mobile.

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