5 Advantages That AWS DevOps Certification Can Get You

A combination of two fundamental processes of cloud computing which are Development and Operations, the DevOps team of an organization is responsible for the entirety of a specific project from the beginning to the very end.

The DevOps team members make use of their valuable skills to develop, test and deploy a particular project, which results in a rapid improvement in the overall streamlining of organization’s processes and its ability to deliver applications to users. A highly proficient DevOps team ensures that not only the rate of delivery improved but also the rate at which those applications can be developed and updated.

Keeping up with the significance of DevOps practices for an organization, specially pertaining to operating Amazon Web Services, AWS issues an AWS DevOps certification which thoroughly examines the fundamentals and specifics of DevOps relating to AWS, and this certification is one of the highly demanded one’s due to the vast demand of organizations demanding individuals who can integrate DevOps practices with Amazon Web Services.

As we all know Amazon Web Services is the world’s biggest cloud infrastructure services provider, and so due to this, QuickStart has been conducting AWS training for all certifications relating to AWS. In this article, we will be discussing a few benefits of having an AWS DevOps certification in your bag.

Learn How to Monitor Data

Monitoring data and information is perhaps one of the major tasks of being a DevOps engineer. We talked about how DevOps helps in streamlining the process of data delivery above and this is through efficient monitoring and analysis of existing data and observing trends to reach to conclusions, which result in dramatic improvement in the whole process. Monitoring and observation of data is achieved through tracking metrics, monitoring log files and setting alarms. Apart from just data observation, DevOps involves inspecting for issues and troubleshooting them to further smoothen the operations. Identifying threats to the infrastructure at the right time really helps in avoiding potential problems in the future.

Improved Security

Learning how to implementing security standards and protocols is yet another major advantage of getting an AWS DevOps certification. As we all know ensuring that the information on the cloud system is secured and protected is a top priority for any cloud professional. Due to the increasing changes of data corruption and hacking, additional pre cautions are necessary to beef up the security around our data.

That is why DevOps complements the already secured framework of AWS by automating security controls, which really improves the efficiency of threat detection, and then dealing with that threat. Apart from this, governance protocols are implemented in the cloud infrastructure to effectively govern the information and the data input, process and output procedures, and finally, compliance with all the established patterns and practices is ensured to maximize the effectiveness of the security system of the organization’s cloud infrastructure. So if you ever had a doubt whether the DevOps certification is really worth it, then think again.

Operate Microservices

An additional great advantage of having an AWS DevOps certifications is being enabled to utilize Microservices, which facilitates operating clusters of Amazon EC2 instances. This is done primarily through a container management tool called Amazon Elastic Container Service. Moving on, coding is seen by programmers as a really troubling and tiresome activity involving a lot of brain juice and time. What makes it more difficult to do is overseeing servers while coding. So if you have even been on this side of the table then you would be pleased to know that AWS DevOps certification assists in serverless coding which is a major advantage for developers, as it not only boosts the effectiveness of the team but ends up saving a lot of time. Serverless coding is achieved through AWS Lambda tool.

Improved deployment and integration

AWS DevOps certification results in an individual being familiar with numerous tools and services associated with AWS. Much of these tools deal with deployment and integration of infrastructure and applications.

To ensure the success of a project, a cloud professional lays the proper groundwork, and this is achieved through implementing AWS Cloud Formation and AWS OpsWork as it helps in developing, testing and also creating a production environment on which the software project will be based on.

This is linked with refined and consistent data integration environment through a much useful tool of AWS named CodeCommit. After the creation of a data integration environment comes the data integration and delivery pipeline constructed through AWS CodePipeline. All of this results in a massive improvement in the overall integration of the infrastructure.

Additionally, what differentiates a professional and an amateur is knowing when to use what tool of deployment as there are a lot of tools to select from. These tools range from AWS OpsWork, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Code Deploy, and all of these are built to be used under specific scenarios so one must know which one to implement at the right moment. If you are confused with how to actually differentiate between the tools then do not worry as the AWS training covers all which is to be covered in the AWS DevOps certification so that you too can embark on your journey on becoming an AWS professional.

Utilizing codes and templates

Finally, a much-needed advantage comes from managing and setting up AWS infrastructure resources utilizing existing codes and templates. Through the various tools mentioned above, the process of automated configuration of servers is introduced within the system in addition to the creation of resources at a consistent rate based on established and custom templates.

So these were 5 of the major advantages which derive from acquiring an AWS DevOps certification. Make sure to check out the certification trainings offered by QuickStart, as their experienced and skilled instructors make sure that they depart every single drop of knowledge they have to you, so that you too can climb up the ladder of great success and growth as an AWS DevOps professional.

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