13 Best USB OTG Cable Uses in your Smartphones

Generally, USB OTG cables are very much used in the Software field for easy usage and comfortable accessing of data from PC to Mobile. Not only transferring data but it is also used for many uses which most of the people don’t know exactly how to use USB OTG. So let us have a glance look at how USB OTG is used in many ways but selecting the correct USB OTG which exactly suits your mobile is the main task which you have to select.

1. Connect Modem Data Card to your Android Phone

For using internet access in PC we generally use modem but the same Modem Data Card can be connected to your Android Mobile which can give you the internet access in your mobile itself. All you need to do is connect the Modem by using OTG Cable to your Android Mobile and make sure that it is connected to your device. If the device is connected then you can have the internet access by using Data Card but if it is not connected then try to change USB Cable settings on your Android Phone and try again. Only few Samsung Android Mobiles can be connected in this way.

2. Images and Files can be Printed by connecting with OTG Cable

Whenever you want to print some PDF files or Images which are available in your mobile then you can connect the printer to your Android Device by using the OTG Cable and make sure that the printer device is connected to your phone or not. This is the best way of using the OTG Cable for official use and fast way of presenting the files in the meetings. This method may work on only a few devices.

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3. Transfering Data from Pen Drive to Phone

Another best usage of OTG Cable is that we can use it for transferring the files from one device to another device like Pen Drive to Phone which is the easy way of transferring images, videos, files and other files. Generally, we transfer any files to a phone by connecting pen drive to PC and then to a phone but by using the OTG Cable it has become the easy way wherever you are without the use of PC.

4. Android Screen Usage with Mouse Connection

This way of using OTG Cable will be very awesome that you can access touch screen of your Android Mobile by connecting the mouse to your phone with OTG Cable. Connect one end of OTG to phone and another end to the mouse and make sure that the mouse is connected to your mobile device then you can access the touch screen easily.

5. DSLR Camera Controlling with OTG in your phone

By using the OTG Cable, we can also connect the DSLR Camera to the smartphone and control it on your fingertips on the touch screen and take the snapshots by clicking on your phone. You can even access all the options in the DSLR Camera and have all the images taken in the Camera on the Screen of mobile.

6. Keyboard Connection for your Smartphone

Whenever you don’t have your PC with you and having heavy typing work for Microsoft Word or making any files for a project then you can connect the Keyboard to your phone and do the same work very easily without any difficulty. All you need to do is just connect the OTG Cable to your phone and keyboard and start typing.

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7. Joystick Connection to your Phone

This is the best news for the gamers who always wanted to play the games on their smartphones but worried for damage of their touch screen of the phone. But here is the best way for using the Joystick for gaming by connecting it to your smartphone using the OTG Cable and set the settings in the game and start playing.

8. Connect Fingerprint Scanner to your phone

This is mostly used by the dealers or executives in the mobile stores or in the documentation process for scanning the fingerprint of the customer by connecting the Fingerprint Scanner to the smartphone and do the work effectively and faster than using PC or other devices. For this, we have to just connect the Scanner and the phone by using OTG Cable.

9. Charging of phone using other phones

There is a technique for charging of your mobile if you don’t have a charger and wanted to charge your mobile then you can do this with taking another similar smartphone and connect it with both OTG USB Cables and then you will be seeing that your mobile will start charging when the connection was successful.

10. Card Reader Connection to your Smartphone

Card Reader is the device which is used for transferring the data or the media files like images, videos, audios and other files from camera chips and mobile memory cards. That can also be connected to your smartphone for transferring the data using the OTG Cable. Connect the OTG Cable to your smartphone and the card reader for an easy way of transferring the data and attaching the chips to the phone.

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11. Musical Instruments Connection to your Smartphone

Most of the music fans will have the best way of connecting their musical instruments to their smartphones by using OTG Cable for experiencing the easy way of accessing the instrument and for learning the best way to skills improving. This connection can be done with OTG USB Cable to your smartphone and the instrument and make sure that it is connected to the device.

12. Connecting the Gadgets to your phone

There are many gadgets which are available in the Online Stores like USB Selfie LED Flash Light and USB Fan which can be connected to the smartphone for enjoyment purpose and also for the better usage of the smartphone. These can be connected by using the USB OTG Cable.

13. Microphone to Smartphone Connection

Microphone or Mic is the device which is generally used for recording the songs or audios which converts to an electrical signal and gives more output. This type of microphone can also be connected to your smartphone by using the USB OTG Cable for easy accessing of songs and audios in your mobile.

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