10 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Website Traffic

Driving traffic to the website is one of the toughest tasks for online and offline businesses alike. It has become all the more daunting because of the bottleneck in competition prevailing in the digital marketplace. Your website should appeal to the readers in a way that they are convinced to buy from you. It can be a challenge because so many sites have already swamped the Internet and it can get really overwhelming for the user. Therefore, in order to increase the traffic on your website, you ought to render a pleasant experience for your visitors and have a competitive edge.

Here’s how.

  1. Use a suitable Content Management System

WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems for websites. It is a robust blogging platform that allows you to maintain your website quickly and at the same time monetize it too. You can use HubSpot too as a CMS. Just make sure that you have a clean and attractive website regardless of the Content Management System.

  1. Have an easy-to-navigate website

Give your subscribers the ease to navigate through your website by having a clutter-free layout. Design your website for an easy eye-scan – popularly an F shaped path. Take a minimalistic approach with ample white space so that it does not overwhelm the readers. If you are using rich media like images or videos in your website, do not overdo it lest you prolong the website loading time. You should have your physical address and contact details at the footer of every page so that your prospects can easily reach out to you.

  1. Optimize every page for search engines

Search engine optimization is a must if you want to attract more visitors and get more visibility for your website. Work on the keywords that you choose after thorough research of the market and the trends. Keep track of the keywords with maximum competition so that you can determine the right keywords to target according to your brand and industry.

If your website does not get listed on the first page of the search engine, it would naturally not attract too many visitors. The better your search engine ranking is, the better will be the visibility and more will be the traffic.

  1. Work on ‘About Us’ page

What your company does is the most important thing to be conveyed to your prospects visiting the website. Create an interesting ‘About Us’ page that would entice the readers to know more about you. The copy should be crisp and talk about how your products or services can help the customer. Do not make it boring with too many superlatives or adjectives.

  1. Update your blog regularly

Creating content resource is the key to engaging prospects and driving more traffic to the website. Apart from the gated content, your blog can be a good idea to increase website traffic. Deliver value to the readers with useful content and informative posts that will be relevant for your target audience.

Pro Tip: You can create whitepapers, ebooks and other long-form content that serves as a gated resource to get you more leads.

  1. Secure your website with SSL Certificate

Installing an SSL Certificate on your website is an important method to secure visitor information. It encrypts the data to be transmitted between the browser and the server instead of transferring it as plain text. SSL Certificates work as a trust indicator for your website and portray you as a reliable brand with the help of a green padlock and the tag ‘Secure’ in the address bar. As security threats are increasing, it is a must to secure your website with SSL/HTTPS so that no unauthorized source can access the confidential information of the user. You can purchase cheap SSL Certificate from any online store and ensure safe transactions on your website. SSL Certificates also help in boosting the search engine ranking in the long run. So, it is a win-win situation for the website owner as well as the customer.

  1. Consider guest blogging for authentic websites

For link-building activities, you should consider guest blogging for authentic websites that are closely related to your industry. This will help you get better visibility and also enhance the search engine ranking for your website. As more and more people will know you, it will give your business a significant boost and ultimately drive more conversions. However, you should approach authentic websites only. Keep away from backlink generating spam websites as Google would penalize you for doing so.

  1. Leverage social media marketing

Social media is an important aspect of online marketing. It helps you in building a reputable online presence if done right. Post regularly on your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. An important thing to note here is that you should post more frequently on Twitter as the updates posted here have the shortest lifespan. Moreover, follow the 20/80 rule according to which you should post 20% promotional content and 80% informative content that interests the prospect.

  1. Organize events or webinars

Events and contests work the best in driving instant brand visibility and bringing traffic to your website. If you have a service-based website, you can conduct webinars and share your expertise with your target audience. Doing so would help you in generating quality traffic for your website and enhance conversions.

  1. Track the website traffic through Google Analytics

It is of paramount importance to keep a track of the traffic you receive on your website. Maintain a record of the number of visits on the respective pages, average session time, bounce rate, click rates, etc. through Google Analytics. All this information will help you figure out what is working and what is not. You can make the necessary changes and improve your website traffic if you are facing the issue of high bounce rate.


Having a good website is like the gateway to a strong visitor base. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind whenever you build your website and you will surely see a considerable rise in website visits.

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